Volunteer as a medical assistant!

Whether you find yourself in a rural health clinic in Malawi or a Red Cross hospital in Japan, you will be making a difference!

We have partnerships with hospitals in Japan where volunteer Medical Assistants provide help to nursing and administrative staff. Medical Assistants help in the wards, care for patients, befriend them and assist nurses and other staff with their daily tasks. These placements are ideal for anyone seeking a career in medicine or nursing as the Assistants work in many different departments including Maternity, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Surgery and the Emergency Room and are exposed to all facets of medical life. You may also be asked to help teach English to the nursing staff and in turn the hospital will offer Japanese lessons.

In Malawi, we offer volunteers the chance to support a much needed service offered by the local health officer in rural health centres. These placements require volunteers who are mature and serious about making a difference. The rural health centres are often very poorly resourced and volunteers will be expected to make the best of all situations that are thrown at them. Medical experience would be helpful and volunteers in this position must be willing to work very hard in tough conditions. No doubt this placement is challenging, but exceptionally rewarding.